The story of OneLeg

It all started on a summer day when founder of OneLeg, Susanne Schmidt, was working in her garden at her home in Fredensborg, Denmark.

A keen gardener, Susanne was beginning to experience pain in her knees and back while kneeling in the garden. To relieve the burden on her back and knees she started to use a traditional paving stool to sit on which made a real difference. However, there were several disadvantages to the paving stool. First and foremost, it was made from solid wood and was therefore heavy and difficult to move around in the garden. The foot was too narrow which made it sink into the soil and the paving stool could not be used indoors or on tiles. Finally, yet most importantly Susanne found it difficult to keep her balance while sitting on the stool and it would tip over as soon as she stood up.

Susanne realised that many people like her suffered with discomfort when working in an awkward position and she decided to take action. Taking the idea of the traditional paving stool, Susanne and her friend Jens Andersen developed the OneLeg stool in 2011. The goal was and still is, to enable gardeners and anyone working on low level tasks, to protect their body when working in awkward positions and to increase their comfort in the workplace.

Gopak, a well know British furniture manufacturer introduces OneLeg to the UK     

Knowing of our reputation as a British furniture manufacturer and supplier to the educational sector, Gopak was approached by Susanne to see if we would be interested in marketing the stool in the UK. We started by introducing the stool to schools and other places of learning and have had much success in the educational market with this product. We have now been given the opportunity to marketing the stool into the garden and home sector in the UK. This has led to the launch of a site dedicated to this fantastic, ergonomic and dynamic product.

Selling this concept to the UK has been an enlightening experience. We rapidly discovered that anyone wanting to use a OneLeg does need to have a certain amount of mobility to both sit down on the stool and then stand and also select the right height stool depending on the customers physical height.

The OneLeg stool has gained a large following and is used for a huge number of other tasks and uses other than just gardening. Painters and decorators use the stool for painting skirting boards, car mechanics use the stool when detailing or working on lower parts of vehicles, one customer told us she had purchased a stool to enable her to load the log burner without having to bend or kneel.   Use both indoors and out, the stool is popular with both adults and children.  You will find the stool in healthcare, offices, institutions, schools and the home.  Gardeners in particular have found the stool to be game changing.

Which height OneLeg should I buy?

The height of the stool you choose is dependent on your stature, length of leg and overall mobility and fitness.  To use the stool it is important that you are able to get into a low squat position and return to a standing position, unaided.
If you are 5'7" and under we would recommend the 32cm high stool
For customers over 5' 7" then the 40cm high stool will be more suitable.

Please note: this stool is not for everyone and is definately not suitable for anyone who suffers with loss of strength in the upper thigh muscles or knees.

What people think of the OneLeg stool

The product has received amazing reviews and the response has been extremely positive, with customers commenting on how they ever coped without a OneLeg. It has also been and has also been included in a number of blogs which makes great reading. From a heavily pregnant Model Mummy who was excited to be able to put her socks on unaided when sitting on the stool, to a keen gardener who also found the stool invaluable when cleaning hard to reach corners in her home, the good news stories keep rolling in.

Have a read of our Google Reviews which include:

"A game changer! What a brilliant little stool. Can't wait for gardening to start with a vengeance!"

"I bought the One Leg because I have a problem kneeling since a knee replacement. It is great and so easy to use, I can get into all the inaccessible corners of the cupboards. Am looking forward to getting into the garden with it." 

"Really useful as my husband had a knee replacement and could only kneel using one knee. The oneleg stool allows him to weed and garden more easily. Also really useful for picking fruit from low bushes."  

"The OneLeg has been so helpful during my husbands rehabilitation after a knee operation. It has allowed him to keep up with his upcycling projects and enjoy bath time with our daughter. Great product and extremely durable."  

"I bought two one-leg stools: a smaller one (orange so I can easily find it!) for me in the garden and a taller one for my husband to use in his garage. Genius idea - I can now sit weeding all afternoon. Many thanks"      

"I bought this stool as I love gardening but suffer with lower back pain and have also had a total hip replacement so I have had to adapt activities. This stool is ideal as I can tilt and reach comfortably. I did seek advice regarding the best height of stool for me (I am 1.75 m tall so was advised to buy the 40 cm stool). The stool is robust and easily cleaned too."  

"Having recently experienced problems with my knee, making it difficult to bend and kneel down, I had been wondering how I would be able to tackle the gardening.  My husband spotted your advertisement and we thought this could successfully resolve the problem.  We took delivery of the stool recently and I tried it out in the house as it is not gardening weather yet and I feel that it will definitely resolve the problem of how to carry out jobs which I would normally have knelt to do. Really pleased to have found your product."






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