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Make kneeling while gardening a thing of the past


Not just for Gardeners

Ideal for any low level day to day tasks


Save your back and knees

If you suffer from pain in your back or knees Oneleg is the answer


Works on rough terrain

OneLeg can be used in the most awkward spots


Unusual tasks made easy

How often do we need somewhere to perch

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  • OneLeg

    £59.40 incl. VAT and DELIVERY

    With its functional, simplistic and clean lines, the OneLeg is an ergonomic stool designed to rock and tilt as you sit.  This makes it an ideal stool for use in the garden or anywhere around the home or workplace where you need to be working at low levels.  The stool has proven to help those that suffer with lower back pain or who find kneeling difficult.  These strong plastic stools are weather proof, impact resistant, lightweight and easy to move around and clean.  All stools are supplied with a black anti-slip foot and silcone seat cover in the colour of your choice. 

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